CV Writing and Cover Letter Writing by the Experts!

CV Writing and Cover Letter Writing

CV Writing

For some people, written advice or a spoken CV review is enough for them to work on the CV themselves, but others decide for a variety of reasons to enlist the help of a company such as us to do it for them. If you would like a knowledgeable, experienced company to write your CV, then look no further.

Currently a small company, Winning Words has just one CV writer. She has an English & TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) degree; a strong background in proofreading; and extensive copy writing experience, writing advertising copy for a wide range of well-known and not-so-well-known companies. This experience is compounded by, in the latter years, writing high-quality CVs, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles for over 600 happy clients.

What does Winning Words promise?

• 100% spelling and grammar at all times
• A highly successful and attractive choice of template which can be adjusted according to taste
• A great deal of effort will be applied to all areas – corners traversed not cut
• Syphoning out the least important information whilst highlighting the most, to make you look your best and to align you in with the role you want to apply for
• To word all of the CV in the most impactful way possible
• To position achievements, skills, experience summary and attributes all on the front page to eliminate the need for scrolling
• All CVs are ATS (CV scanning software) compliant whilst still highly attractive * for details on ATS which can have trouble reading CVs, go to ‘Reviews’
• To ensure the correct terms are included for SEO

There are two different levels of service regarding CV Writing – one with a phone/Skype consultation and one without. There is around a £10 difference in price, with CV Writing ranging from £35 – £50, depending on length.

Most of the time it’s best to opt for the consult as it always brings out the very information that is missing yet needed on your CV. Turnaround times vary on your urgency but always within a week. Send us an email or call and we’ll advise.

CV Writing and Cover Letter Writing

Cover Letter Writing

A very, very important aspect of the job application process due to it being first point of contact, the letter is your first chance to impress. We strongly recommend that if you do use us to write it for you, that you provide a role advertisement with person specification. This is so that we can address all (where possible) requirements in the right order, thus perfectly positioning you for the job. If you have those requirements, this is almost a fail-safe option. Your writer will ensure to include all those requirements plus those all-important achievements, to further seal the deal. And the icing on the cake: further skills, training and attributes that’ll mean they just can’t say no.

There is the option to write a general cover letter aimed at a specific type of role. We certainly don’t push this option because there is a high likelihood that important job requirements, which tend to differ drastically, are not addressed. This can be counteracted by including as much positive information as possible, but then the letter can come across as being a bit vague and undirected – if you used us to do this for you we would strongly suggest that you subsequently make the effort to tailor it towards each role, ‘answering’ the job requirements where possible in order of importance – plus at the end say why you want to work for that specific company, or in that particular role – not just focusing on the pay-packet obviously!

Prices for cover letters start at £12, if you choose also to get your CV done with us. But, go up to £20 if you do not.

As with all our turnaround times we can be flexible (just ask), but generally we’d advise between 3 – 5 working days.

  • My first experience of Winning-Words could not have been better, my proof reader Becky was extremely efficient and was able to give feedback on the drafts of my dissertation very promptly. I was really pleased with the overall service, and it gave great reassurance to know my writing made sense! If you want a flexible, friendly service with skilled and professional readers I highly recommend Winning-Words-thanks Becky!
  • I have used the Winning Words on couple occasions and I was really impressed by the services provided. It was prompt, efficient and very professional. They have edited and prepared for me LinkedIn profile as well as quite complex job application. I can highly recommend their services!
  • I must say that I was really impressed by Becky’s attention to details. I’ve requested a proofreading and I am very happy with the result. Highly recommended.
    Paul Hoda
  • ‘This is brilliant!!! Thank you so very much! Please can you do one for my husband?’
    ...about LinkedIn profile
  • I just wanted to say that I was at first skeptical about whether it was worth paying for a CV or not but I’m glad I did. My writer was very helpful and professional and put in a lot of time and effort to make sure that the CV reflected my experience well and would make a good impression on recruiters. Having her help has given me confidence in both my skills and my job applications and I would highly recommend her. Let’s hope it leads to some good career opportunities!
    Ruth D
  • Thank you very much for the cover letter! On Sunday morning!!!! More than thankful 🙂 I think it is really good and I do hope I receive a call from them.
    Grita B
  • I have had the distinct pleasure of having Becky as a proofreader for my Master dissertation. In order to achieve the highest grades and my deepest respect, she has demonstrated outstanding performance while working in my final project and maintained a clear sense of purpose.
    Farman Aziz
    MSc International Business, Coventry University
  • Winning Words turns round work quickly and operates intelligently.
    Ray Keenoy
    Senior Editor, Boulevard Books
  • Dear Winning Words, Lewis Kingston, the author of The Silver Llama, wanted me to pass on the message that you did a wonderful job on his book.
    Robert Judkins
    Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie Publishers Ltd
  • Winning Words assisted our marketing team in converting our Christmas direct mail campaign letters, to an e-newsletter format. They produced a very high standard of work.
    Air Ambulance Service
  • I had my dissertation proofread by them. They corrected the punctuation and gave me feedback on how logical my arguments were which was very important for me. Overall, great service, really fast and accurate. Glad I chose Winning Words – write, edit, translate!
    Antonis Antonopoulos
    English language teaching student, Warwick University
  • This is the first time i have used winning words. The quality and service is second to none. I will definatly use them again in the future, thank you Daniel