Winning Words can offer you:

  • Light proofreading for well-written pieces
  • Editing for spelling, grammar, punctuation, consistency, accuracy, style, syntax, clarity, typography and flow
  • Excellent CVs, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles written by trained CV writers, at a fraction of the price most other companies charge (see testimonials)
  • Copywriting or re-writing marketing and communications including item/service descriptions, websites, flyers, newsletters and internal memoranda
  • Translation into perfect English from Spanish, German, Italian and French

Content/copywriting and rewriting

We enjoy creating text that accurately reflects your message, product, and/or service. We look at all angles — content, tone, audience and outcome — to get the messaging just right for your company. Winning Words understands and implements where needed:

  • Correct capitalisation, spelling and grammar
  • Each and every English tense
  • All punctuation

And we are skilled in:

  • Condensing information into a tight word limit
  • Creating stylish, punchy and/or conservative copy out of sparse information

And with all our services, if you are not 100% satisfied, we are more than happy to amend free of charge until you are.

Proofreading for students

Theses/dissertations: We understand the requirements placed on students, as we have been students ourselves. Your thesis/dissertation will be carefully proofread, either lightly or in close detail, depending on your requirements.  Your proofreader can also make detailed explanations/suggestions to help you understand and/or refine your academic work.

Proofreading for businesses

Your documents, whether they be client alerts, internal memoranda, press releases, newsletters or bid proposals, will be thoroughly proofread to remove all errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar, and upper/lower cases. We can also address style, syntax, consistency, typography and clarity issues if required.

To enable you to meet every deadline, our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and documents under 5 pages long could be returned within an hour.

CV, cover letter and LinkedIn writing

Using training and advice from a top CV writing and careers expert, together with our existing design and wording skills, we can create for you a bespoke CV, cover letter or/and LinkedIn profile and we won’t rest until you are happy. Whether looking to continue on your present career path or seeking a complete change, we can help you.