Guide Prices

  • CVs: £35 for a two-page CV and £10 per further page
  • 500 words light proofreading (well-written pieces): £5
  • 500 words editing (more input required): £7-£9 depending on piece
  • 500 words writing: Ask us; we’ll offer a fair price based on the work involved
  • Cover letter: £15
  • LinkedIn Profile: £15

Alternative arrangements can be made regarding regular work; contact us to see what we can offer you.

Proofreading prices can rise further for text that needs a lot of input, such as that written by those without a strong grasp of English.

Information on novels and dissertations below.

Guide Turnaround Times

  • A well-written 12,000-word dissertation/novel can be turned around within four days, including queries and re-reading/writing post-query, but a week is a good general guide time
  • A 500-word advertising piece written from scratch will take between two hours and one day, depending on your deadline
  • A CV takes 2 -4 hours, with the timing dependent

We would need to look at the work you want us to do before evaluating the time involved, so feel free to contact us via email, or phone if you prefer. If you want to get the ball rolling quickly, please fill in the brief form below and send it to us with an email.

Winning Words Brief Form